Hello All

   A small review from Copa Mitad del Mundo.

  A very fun nitro race, for 1/10 electric not so fun, my 419X didn't make it back in one peace.

    There was complaints about my motor being to fast, in a open mod class? I didn't understand. So they told me to slow it down. Then the taking out began. Also I managed to TQ two of the three qualifiers and started the main in the 8th position. In the first main I slowed down for a car in front of me to prevent contact, unfortunately the driver behind me didn't, my car didn't survive the impact. At that point I didn't participate for the rest of the race to much frustration.

   My experience wasn't all bad, my 419X was amazing on foam tires. I use the same setup as the Reedy Race. Car worked well, it was fast and easy to drive. 

Check out the picture of the damage in the gallery.

I wanted to let everyone know of the upcoming 2017 Arizona State On-Road Championships hosted by ASR in Mesa, AZ the weekend of November 4th-November 6th 2016.  Check out the flyer below, looking forward to seeing you there!

 Hello All

    Copa Mitad del Mundo is a nitro race that is held each year, in Quito the capital of Ecuador. The Mitad del Mundo stands for the  Middle of the World Cup. This will be my second time racing. Being a nitro race and running a non Tamiya car, I had nothing to share, fortunately this year there is an electric class, were I will be running the TRF419X in a 8.5 turn motor limit, which is slower the what we run in mod at home. The down side is we have to run foam tire, which I have never done on TC Mod. This will be a challenge and I hope fun to learn something new. I'll keep you posted.


  The new TA07 kit is very unique looking car with its non conventional chassis designs, and it's option of three motor positions for tuning. It has proven to be very competitive on asphalt tracks like Tamiya America. So I went to my local track TQ RC Racing to see how it works on carpet. to my surprise it wasn't that bad, having a outdoor setup and rear motor position, it was drivable, however hard to hang on to. So with some setup changes like shock oil, springs, Ackerman, and camber link height position the car got faster and easy to drive. I noticed by belt skipping under acceleration, with a single belt design it's normal for the belt to skip under braking not acceleration. With the high traction of carpet the rear of the chassis was flexing making the belt skip. To fix this I installed the spur gear cover that comes in the kit , which we don t run on asphalt to get more flex and traction. 

  At the track I had some help testing the TA07 with Mark Santa Ines, he ran the car with the mid motor position which looks very promising, the car with this motor setup feels free with more corner speed then the rear motor. We ran all day till closing getting the TA07 faster with each setup change.


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