A few months ago I received my buggies for the 2017 race season. To this late start is no fault of anyone but me. The automotive industry here in southern California is fickle and the job market even worse. Scheduling time to go racing and to commit to events that you commit to sponsors is hard to do because of this. However, a few new things have changed within these past few months (of which will be announced soon) and have led to me being able not only to build and dial in my new 211XM and 503 but have had time to go race a few local series events.

   The TRF 503 as I have written before is by far the best modern 4wd buggy for all conditions. It's nearly as tough as an 1/8th buggy, light weight and agile. Easy to maintain and more so easy to drive and drive fast. This chassis takes well to and responds to changes that are immediately noticeable without the use of aftermarket parts. In the past I have run the 503 out of the box but this year I have made some changes that I will show case below. Albeit this 503 is kit stock other than the Ti turnbuckles (#42120) for the camber links, Aluminum rear uprights (#54254, 54245 or 54246) and the Aluminum front caster hubs (#54063 or 53961) all of which are used for a bit of extra durability and/or adjustability in set up preferences. The biggest change you will see is the single sided battery utilizing a "shorty" pack. In the game of "light is right" this helped me to further balance the 503 left to right, and allowed me to lighten up the rear to allow it to rotate quicker, use lighter shock fluid and springs which aids in traction and tuning. 

As always if you have any questions about this article or general questions about Tamiya/TRF R/C cars please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hello Fellow Tamiya Fans-

  Sorry for the long delay in updating my blog,a lot has happened in the last six months. The biggest is that I relocated back to my home state of Wisconsin from Arizona.  My wife and I finally got the opportunity to move our family back to where I grew up.  After selling our house in Arizona and finally purchasing a new house here, I can start getting my hobby room together (which is much larger than I have ever had before!)

  I have only raced twice since the move up, once racing my TRF211 at Dirt Heaven in New Franken, WI and the other was running my TRF419x on the high bite carpet at Windy City RC near Chicago.

  Both surfaces posed a huge challenge for me from what I ran before.  The new CRC Black carpet's traction at Windy City is something crazy.  Racing on that surface reminded me a lot of running a 19T foam car.  Racing was very competitive and very fast.  I never managed to get a full race in on all four wheels but motivated me to keep changing everything on the car that I could (I forgot my tow blocks at home.)  As I started making progress and the dust/rust came off of me, the weekend was over.  Windy City is a great place and they put on an awesome program that ran as smooth as I have seen them.  If anyone is in the area, be sure to check them out!

  My day at Dirt Heaven was equally as challenging.  I showed up early in the morning to start breaking in tires for their clay surface.  My TRF211 was very hard to put power down with new tires.  With a long race day,limited practice and NO PREP, results were as expected.

  So for the future, my hobby room build starts tomorrow which will be off limits to the kids, and allow me to be much more prepared.  My plane tickets are bought for the Reedy Race Touring Car of Champions at the Tamiya USA track over Memorial Day weekend.  I am looking forward to an enjoyable weekend, with great friends.  After that, it'll be the ROAR 1/8th Nationals at Stateline R/C in Indiana with some club racing in-between.

  Its great to be back running again, at HOME!!

  Thanks for all the support!



I wanted to update everyone on the upcoming events in Arizona for the start of 2017.  

  • 18th Annual "The Dirt" Nitro Challenge @ Fear Fearm Raceway in Phoenix, AZ
    • February 22nd-26th 2017
      • http://thedirt.us/shop/race-registration/2017-nitro-challenge-registration/ 
  • Desert Classic (Replacing the Cactus Classic) @ Hobby Action R/C in Chandler, AZ
    • March 10th-12th 2017
      • http://www.hobbyaction.net/pages/pictures
  • 2017 Asphalt Challenge hosted by Arizona Scale Racers in Mesa, AZ
    • March 24th-26th 2017
      • http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=5448


I will be attending the Desert Classic & Asphalt Challenge and will be posting pictures & setup advice prior to these events.  Looking forward to seeing you out there! 



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