The Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) line-up of kits represents Tamiya’s commitment to ultra-high performance car kits designed for the sole purpose of competitive racing at the local club level to the World Championship arena. The kits listed here is the full history of the Tamiya Racing Factory and the timeline in which these kits first appeared. 

42275 Item #: 42275 Release Date: 2014
This is the all new TRF503 4WD racing buggy. The 503 has been developed thanks to the Tamiya Racing Factory team once again putting its extensive race and testing experience to use for Tamiya’s racing enthusiast customers. The TRF503 off-road chassis is an updated and modified version of the TRF511 that promises to have more traction and improved cornering ability.

42270 Item #: 42270 Release Date: 2013
The TRF418 is set to take touring car racing to the next level with the 2014 IFMAR world Championship on the horizon! The TRF418 represents the first complete overhaul that Tamiya's top racing chassis has undergone in three years. Honed through countless tests using cutting-edge power sources, tires, and thanks to the feedback of TRF works drivers Marc Rheinard, Viktor Wilck and of course reigning World Champion Jilles Groskamp, the chassis boasts an almost 100% new design.

42252 Item #: 42252 Release Date: 2013
This is the new TRF101 chassis kit designed for the ultimate Formula One R/C racing enthusiast. The data collected from TRF team member experience has provided this enhanced F1 chassis the best possible performance potential.

42240 Item #: 42240 Release Date: 2012
The TRF417V5 was piloted by factory driver Jilles Groskamp who won the prestigious IFMAR ISTC World Championships in 2012! Jilles brought Tamiya TRF its total IFMAR touring car title count to five (2002, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012). The TRF417V5 edition kit brings enhancements used during the world championship to customers around the world who choose to race the best touring car platform on the planet.

42205 Item #: 42205 Release Date: 2012
This is the latest spec TRF 417 machine. The main enhancements incorporate subtle revisions. A newly-designed lower deck offers improved chassis flexibility for better low-speed traction. The previous one-piece motor mount has been replaced with a three-piece type to allow further adjustment of chassis' flexibility by linking them together. The thickness of the front and rear damper stays have been increased to 3.5mm and other new developments include a new upper deck, metal battery holders which serve as counterweights, and low-height kingpins.

42200 Item #: 42200 Release Date: 2011
At the 2011 Thailand International R/C Touring Car Championship (TITC) held in February, TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) drivers raced their TRF417's with a new Gear Differential Unit installed in the car. Tamiya now offers the TRF417 with this unit as a standard option part included with this new spec version of the TRF 417.

42184 Item #: 42184 Release Date: 2010
This is the 2010 IFMAR ISTC World Championship-winning machine, the TRF417 Chassis Kit. TRF417 was created using valuable race data gained through races with the TRF416 and aims to win the world championship in 2012, which it did at the hands of TRF driver Jilles Groskamp.

42183 Item #: 42183 Release Date: 2010
The pure-racing shaft-driven 4WD TRF502X has a highly durable chassis which features a well-balanced layout with optimum weight distribution and the TRF511’s proven four-wheel double wishbone suspension setup to enable superb off-road performance.

42167 Item #: 42167 Release Date: 2010
The TRF201 electric 2WD buggy is Tamiya's top-of-the-line off-road racing kit. It joins a prestigious fleet of kits as part of the Tamiya Racing Factory stable of super high performance racing machines. The specifications, features and materials used in the kit are industry standard with Tamiya's unique style and spin included.

84067 Item #: 84067 Release Date: 2009
This buggy's highly efficient drive system comes from the optimized placement of the front and rear propeller shafts. The drive line is virtually straight which makes it the most efficient drive-line in its class. The TRF801X chassis has plenty of adjustability to fine tune it for the most demanding of race tracks across the globe.

42162 Item #: 42162 Release Date: 2009
The TRF 416X was developed using race data recorded by our worldwide team drivers. The TRF 416 has won numerous races around the world and has become a very popular championship-winning machine. As a result, the worldwide demand for the TRF416 lead Tamiya to produce additional production runs of the product, which sold out instantly. The new and improved TRF 416X won races across the globe during the 2010 racing season.

42139 Item #: 42139 Release Date: 2009
This Off Road Racer TRF511 chassis kit picks up where the successful high-end 1/10 R/C Buggy TRF501X left off. From participating in off-road competitions, many valuable lessons have been learned and have been applied to making this TRF511 more user-friendly and a lot more competitive.

49497 Item #: 49497 Release Date: 2008
The 801Xt is a 1/8th scale competition level assembly Truggy kit, designed and tested in Southern California, USA. The highly efficient drive system comes from the optimized placement of the front and rear propeller shafts. The drive-line is virtually straight, which offers the most efficient drive-line possible in its class. The 801Xt chassis has plenty of adjustability to fine tune it for the most demanding of race tracks across the globe.

49497 Item #: 42138 Release Date: 2008
The TRF416 is the third generation high-performance touring car racing machine to use Tamiya’s state-of-art materials in plastics, carbon fiber and aluminum. The feedback from championship winning team members has made the TRF touring car platform one of the most sought after racing cars that Tamiya has to offer.

42106 Item #: 42106 Release Date: 2008
In recent years, world-class on-road R/C touring car race events have encouraged the use of brushless motors...

49419 Item #: 49419 Release Date: 2007
The race-spec chassis used by Tamiya Racing Factory driver Mark Rheinhard to multiple event wins around the world is now available to the masses. Now, R/C fans worldwide can get a taste of the TRF415MSX Mark Rheinhard Edition's awesome performance at a more affordable price. Utilizing more commonly available parts for increased practicality, this chassis still remains faithful to the features of its more potent sibling and is a perfect addition to the weekend racer's arsenal.

42105 Item #: 42105 Release Date: 2007
The TRF501X World Championship Edition kit was a version of the 501X that included special parts in preparation for the 2008 IFMAR Off-Road World Championships.

42104 Item #: 42104 Release Date: 2007
The TRF415MSXX is an evolution of the successful TRF415 lineage of touring car racing machines. It includes enhancements found on Marc Rheinard’s winning car as it was raced to bring him victory at the 2007 Reedy Race of Touring Car Champions at the world famous Tamiya America R&D test track facility in Aliso Viejo, CA.

49401 Item #: 49401 Release Date: 2006
Using the design concept of the TA05 touring car platform as the base, the TRF501X was developed to bring racers a state-of-the-art 4WD racing off-road buggy. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension allows for a wide range of settings, and coupled with the aeration type oil dampers this bad boy is ready to take on the world. A prototype TRF501X buggy won 2nd & 4th place at the JMRCA All-Japan 1/10 R/C Off-road Championships & Pre-World Championships held from September 8th to 10th.

49381 Item #: 49381 Release Date: 2005
Always in pursuit of higher performance R/C machines that produce results, Tamiya Racing Factory has further refined the TRF414MS (MS=Maezumi Satoshi) chassis to produce this refined version 2. This iteration of the 415 chassis offers the ultimate in improved running performance, with balance and center of gravity optimized like never before. Thorough re-examination of the parts layout has distilled this chassis into a lean, mean racing machine, with ease of maintenance taken to the next level as well.

49349 Item #: 49349 Release Date: 2004
Following taking the title at the 2002 IFMAR World Championship, the Tamiya Racing Factory team continued working on developing the world's best touring car chassis. The result was the awesome RC TRF415 Chassis (Item #58320), featuring a 2-belt drive train, low center of gravity layout for maximum road hugging performance, belt tension adjuster, 3mm-carbon lower deck, one piece motor mount and bulkhead for maximum motor cooling, and overall improved durability. Since its release, the TRF415 has raced all around the world taking victories in prestigious races including the 2004 Reedy Touring Car Race of Champions.

58320 Item #: 58320 Release Date: 2004
One year and a half after its impressive victory in the IFMAR ISTC world Championship 2002 with the TRF414, Tamiya introduced the all new TRF415. The TRF415 drive train layout has been completely redesigned by placing rotating and heavy parts as low as possible in order to obtain high grip. Moreover, this configuration provides excellent weight distribution resulting in a very fast and easy to control chassis.

49219 Item #: 49219 Release Date: 2004
Proving its global superiority by dominating one race after another, the TRF414M chassis has proven its limitless potential and unmatched top performance. This unbeatable chassis took victories at the German CS Open 2001, the 2001 Hong Kong International Race, and the 2002 Yamayama Cup in Japan. To commemorate the success of the TRF414M chassis and to continue in the relentless drive for success, Tamiya presented a modified, special version of the TRF414M chassis called the TRF414MII.

49278 Item #: 49278 Release Date: 2003
The TRF414 allowed Tamiya's TRF team to obtain the world champion title at the IFMAR 2002 World Championships. The high performance mechanism of this chassis has been mounted on the TA04-TRF Special Chassis Kit.

58258 Item #: 58258 Release Date: 2000
The Tamiya F103 F-1 platform was a solid race track performance machine for well over a decade. Having gone through much iteration, Tamiya brought about the TRF F103 GT kit to allow Le Mans style body sets to be fitted on this TRF race spec chassis.

93013 Item #: 93013 Release Date: 1999
In the late 1990’s Mr. Tamiya brought about direction within his design group to bring consumers a racing chassis they would have confidence in winning races. Based on feedback given by Tamiya America and young aspiring designers within Tamiya Japan, prototype mid-motor dual-belt drive train cars with high suspension adjustability were produced to race in local and national level competitions throughout the globe. Based on the prototype 414, the TRF414X version was produced and was released on a very limited basis. The exclusive and very limited edition race kit was offered to US customers directly through Tamiya America. Only 150 kits were produced, each of which came with a serial number. The numbers ranged from 001 to 150. Those who pre-ordered a kit were given an engraved name plate with their name on it including the serial number. The 414X is considered to be the first kit to launch Tamiya’s name into the competitive Touring Car racing market.

58243 Item #: 58243 Release Date: 1999
The TA03R-S TRF Special Chassis Kit features a mid-ship mounted motor for quick handling and 28 option parts for improved performance. The kit includes a lightweight, rigid double deck chassis consisting of a perforated 2.5mm thick carbon fiber main chassis and 2mm thick carbon fiber upper deck. Super Low Friction Dampers, Universal Drive Shafts and a host of specially colored aluminum parts are included in this pre-414 era touring car platform.

58227 Item #: 58227 Release Date: 1999
The TA03-R is a special edition TRF kit based on the TA03 touring car platform. The R stands for a Rear-motor specification layout as the original TA-03 had the motor mounted in front of the car. The TRF edition included racing specific parts to give the car a competitive edge over other offerings during the late 1990’s.

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